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Regenerative Medicine at Spine and Laser Center

woman with arms outstretchedThis form of medicine deals with the process of restoring the proper function of the body by replacing, engineering or re-engineering human cells, tissues or organs. To accomplish this, we introduce young, healthy and fresh tissue into your body.

Your Body’s Innate Ability to Heal

Did you know that your body has the remarkable inborn ability to heal tissue that has been injured or is aging? This is accomplished when your body’s cells perform the function they’re naturally created to do, rejuvenate and repair cells, and separate into specialized cells.

How Young & Healthy Cells Promote Healing

Young and healthy cells can change into the proper cell needed to heal an injury. For example, if you have lower back pain that’s due to a disc injury, your body needs one type of cell to repair the damage that is responsible for your pain.

If you experience joint pain that’s the result of damaged cartilage, another cell type may be needed to heal the injury. Cells are the means that provide the proper cell type to heal your body.

If the human body already has cells and natural growth factors, why are treatments that comprise cells valuable?

According to studies our cell’s natural ability to renew and restore decreases as we age and our natural cells are not as effective as when we were young. As our bodies age, we have fewer healthy cells. As a result, much of the ability to heal quickly and efficiently is lost. Consider the fact that kids heal much quicker than adults.

Regenerative medicine utilizes healthy and young cells, growth factors, and other healing elements from allografts (donated tissue) to assist your body’s ability to heal.

Fortunately, there is a solution that can help people of all ages–Mesenchymal cells.

These cells are taken from the Wharton’s jelly that’s found in the umbilical cord of newly born infants. The Mesenchymal cells used in our treatment option come from C-section deliveries. Both Mother and Baby are assessed and monitored throughout the pregnancy and never experience any ill effects or discomfort from the umbilical cord donation.

By introducing these cells into your body, your body’s natural ability to heal is given a massive boost. It’s similar to turning the back the clock to when you were very young and could heal rapidly.


What results can I expect from cell therapy treatments?

When your body sustains an injury resulting in pain, it releases chemicals that increase the injured area’s blood flow to shield that area. After these chemicals reach the injured area, some of them cause a leak of fluid into the tissue resulting in inflammation. The initial, and often quickest relief from this treatment comes from the strong anti-inflammatory properties of the formula. Reducing inflammation decreases pain.

Next, the long-term result of regenerative medicine is it helps your body regenerate cells, tissue, bone, etc. This regeneration assists your body’s natural ability to heal more effectively.

Aren’t cell therapy treatments painful?

While there are forms of cell replacement that are painful, that’s not the case with the use of Mesenchymal cells. As these are found in umbilical allografts, there is no harvesting of tissue from you, our patient.

What types of issues can regenerative medicine address?

Many! These include back pain, knee pain, partially torn rotator cuffs, disc issues, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, pinched nerves, torn muscles, sports injuries and many more.

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