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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) at Spine and Laser Center

Man with sore kneeUsing platelet-rich plasma as a regenerative treatment is a state-of-the-art method of helping the body heal from an array of injuries. After any damage to joints, tendons or muscles, a lengthy recovery time usually follows.

Those who experience such an injury in their later years might be concerned that chronic pain or limited movement could result. Even people in their younger years can experience problems with joints, ligaments, tendons or muscles that might diminish their mobility.

The administration of platelet-rich plasma offers each of our patients an excellent way to enhance and speed up healing and improve the chance that healing will be complete.

What Is PRP?

Platelets are the smallest type of blood cells. When someone gets injured, the body releases a chemical that alerts and activates the body’s protective and healing processes. When platelets receive this signal, they transform into healing cells. The more healthy platelets in an injured area, the better the healing process for the injury.

To produce plasma that is platelet-rich, the various components of a patient’s blood are separated. The richest component with platelets is returned to an area of the patient’s body that needs assistance healing. This concentration of cells whose primary task is healing is just what the body needs to relieve pain and return joints, muscles and other tissues to normal.

The reason why PRP has such a healing effect is due to the presence of many growth factors that are essential for the repair of cells and helpful in reducing inflammation.

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

PRP is injected directly into an injured area, such as the shoulders, knees, elbows or hips. They can also be injected into tendons and ligaments. PRP therapy has been used by many world-class athletes to accelerate their healing and allow them to return to their sport. In many cases, healing is accelerated so significantly that it’s possible to return to a pain-free life in 4-6 weeks.

An Alternative to Medication

Given the nation’s opioid epidemic, PRP therapy is a safe, effective and drug-free way of getting lasting relief!

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